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Delgado Boxing originated as just a private gym for Paul “The Truth” Delgado as he was in the latter stages of his professional boxing career.  Understanding that boxing at a professional level was coming to a conclusion he began to lay the ground work for his life after professional boxing.  What started off as the primary training facility for Paul has  become the best boxing gym in the Atlanta area.  Awarded “Boxing Gym of The Year” by Georgiafighters.com three years in a row, Delgado Boxing has now turned into one of the best training and workout facilities in the Southeast!

The gym at Delgado Boxing sounds like a percussion section: the impact of gloves on heavy bags keep the pace, and the sounds of shifting feet and jump ropes slapping the floor blend to form a cadence of their own. Featured on CNN as a model small business, Delgado Boxing is the labor of love of pro boxer Paul Delgado, who oversees boxing lessons and boot-camp workouts for adults and kids, that use pugilistic techniques and exercises, keeping the intensity at the high level one would expect from a guy with 26 victories, and three titles to his name. Though the gym offers premier-level training for those whose ultimate dream is to appear in Madison Square Garden in hooded bathrobes, it welcomes aspiring boxers, fitness seekers, and just the average person looking to get into the best shape of their life.

Jonthan G.
Atlanta, GA
I have been working out at Delgado Boxing for about 5 months and the workouts here are both intense and fun.  Delgado offers different levels of training – the morning and noon classes tend to be a little less intense and are attended by members who are a little older.  The evening classes skew a little younger and provide a killer workout.
Paul Delgado and the trainers work with amateur and professional fighters so the classes are based on training that would prepare one to actually enter the ring.
The classes last an hour and include aerobics, ab work, agility, bag work and body weight work.
Before starting here, I had been going to LA Fitness for about 2 years, which was more or less a waste of time.  If you are finished with the excuses and the pretend workouts, come here.

Fred J..
Santa Monica, CA
I’m in Atlanta temporarily, and checked out Delgado Boxing when I first got here a few weeks ago.  I’ve been training there for over two weeks, and can’t rave enough about Paul and Tony.  If you want to have fun, go.  If you want to train serously, go.  They are the real deal, and I’m already seeing a difference!

Tahira B.
Atlanta, GA
I have been working out at this gym for almost a year and I love it! I went to three other boxing gyms in the Atlanta area before choosing Delgado boxing and have been happy from day one. It’s a small gym with great trainers that have boxing and fitness expertise.  If you really want to learn how to box or even just get a great workout, this is the place to be. The owner, Paul, is super friendly and very hands-on. Adam, Tony, and Jeffrey are trainers and are excellent!!! I love training here! Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know how to box, everyone that works out and especially the trainers are very supportive and helpful and will work with you until you do!! Whether you just want a cardio workout or you want to train to be a pro fighter, and any fitness level in between, Delgado Boxing has someone to take care of you!

Kile K.
Atlanta, GA
Delgado’s Boxing KICKS ASS!! I have been going to Delgado’s for over half a year and I love it!  All the trainers are excellent, friendly, and enjoyable to train with.  They always push me further and harder than I would normally be able to push myself.  They are set up to train the beginner all the way up to the advance athlete.  You can train in groups, or private lessons.  If you are looking for a new type of workout, or just trying to increase the intensity of your old workouts, you should give them a try.  They will whip you into better shape than you have ever been in!!!  Don’t delay!  Come to a class today!!!

Our comprehensive KIDS’ program is offered for ages 8-12 on a daily basis (Monday-Thursday.) More mature teens have unlimited access to a full schedule of group classes. A wide range of personal training and self-defense sessions are available on a daily basis. See our full schedule here.

Delgado Boxing is a registered and certified club under USA Boxing for the Olympics.

paul posing
Paul “The Truth” Delgado
Owner and Lead Trainer

Meet the Business Owner: Paul Delgado
Paul Delgado is a transplant from the New England Boxing Scene, who currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Paul has 24+ years of boxing experience and is a certified USA Amateur Boxing Coach. With a stellar amateur career, including numerous regional and state championships, Delgado earned the Southern New England Golden Gloves title as well as multiple New England Junior Olympic titles.

In addition to excelling inside the ring, Delgado is also a champion in life. As a college graduate, he holds a degree in Electrical Engineer. After five years of balancing a career as an Electrical Designer for Phillips Engineering Group with his career as a professional boxer, Delgado decided to trade his corporate job behind a desktop computer for a pair of Everlast gloves and a sweaty gym.

Paul is now a 24+ year veteran in the fight game and the last 4 years as a trainer. Get in touch with Paul to schedule an appointment: paul@delgadoboxing.net